Roulette Online

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games and probably the one that most people are familiar with. It’s also the most thrilling and easiest to play at an online casino. It will take 5 minutes or less to understand the game and you can be winning real money on your very first spin of the wheel!

It’s described as the King of the casino games and for good reason, there is certainly something special about this game and once you’ve played you are likely to agree.

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      Something fresh, new, and exciting will come to your mind when playing Chilli Casino. In an effort to expand its iGaming footprint, BGO Entertainment Limited of Alderney has recently launched a new online casino.

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    In recent years the online casinos have really pushed the boundaries to make playing online games like roulette even more exciting and convenient. So now you can play from a mobile device just as easily as from a desktop or laptop computer. Online roulette has gotten even close to real-life now we have live dealer roulette where you can stream in stunning HD a game with a real dealer and play as if at an actual casino!

    You can read on to find all the information you will ever need to play fantastic online roulette games right here. You’ll know how to play the game and all the betting options. We will recommend you the best online casinos to play at and tips and tricks to give you more chances of winning real money and some of the best jackpots out there.

    The Best Online Roulette Casinos

    Deciding on a casino to play online roulette can be a minefield but you don’t need to worry as our team of experts have checked out hundreds of sites and have selected the best.

    There are some of the features we expect from each and every site we recommend:

    • Great design and user experience
    • Large choice of games
    • Good range of payment methods
    • Fast and easy withdrawals
    • Friendly and helpful customer support
    • Generous bonuses and promotions
    • Licensed with a reputable authority
    • Mobile Friendly
    • SSL encryption

    These are our top online casino picks for a great range of games including roulette both the standard and live dealer versions. The sites are available in both Arabic and English languages.

    Jackpot City Casino – Established in 1998 Jackpot City Casino is a great place to start playing fantastic games. They have European Roulette as well as American and French and offer a fantastic welcome bonus. Their games are powered by Microgaming who is one of the top online casino software providers so you can expect spectacular graphics and great sound quality. They offer a competitive welcome bonus and lots of great ongoing promotions.

    888 Casino – 888 is without a doubt one of the biggest names in online casinos and was established way back in 1997. They have a great range of roulette games including low stake and high limit tables as well as live dealer games including live Arabic Roulette. They offer a fantastic welcome bonus on sign up and deposit and are a great choice for UAE Players.

    Royal Vegas Casino – This is a stylish looking site and has everything we expect from a top-class online casino. As well as the European, French, and American roulette variations they have live dealer games including the exciting ‘Evolution Double Ball Roulette’. With over 700 games to choose from you have plenty of options to win real money. When you sign up and deposit with Royal Vegas Casino you’ll receive an outstanding welcome bonus as well as weekly casino promotions, and the opportunity to join their Rewards Programme.

    22 Bet Casino – 22 Bet is a new casino and has only been online since 2018 but boasting a massive range of over 3,000 games. Roulette is well represented with lots of live dealer versions including speed Roulette and live Arabic roulette. They also have many other roulette variations including; European roulette with a jackpot, 3D European Roulette and even Cricket Roulette! With a beautiful easy to navigate interface a big welcome bonus and daily free spins, this is a site that is well worth checking out!


    The online version of roulette is as easy to play as the real-life version and it doesn’t take long to learn. Instead of a real wheel and ball, you are playing against a computer-generated version that uses a Random Number Generator to determine the outcome of where the ball lands. The RNG makes sure that the game is fair and the winning number is random. There are live dealer roulette games that you can play as well and these do use real casino equipment and we will discuss these later.

    As roulette is a complete game of chance even a beginner can win real money knowing just the basics of the game.

    The roulette table that you will see on your screen will consist of a roulette wheel and ball and a betting grid.

    The gameplay is simple, a white ball will be spun on the wheel and all you have to do is decide which pocket you think it will land in when it stops spinning. If you are correct you will win the wager.

    So let’s dive a bit deeper into the game.

    Once you have signed up to the casino of your choice and deposited your money you then go to the lobby of the casino and find the roulette game that you like the look of. You can then purchase your chips to play with. If you haven’t signed up to an online casino yet check out some of our recommendations they will be the most reputable, have the most fun games and the best bonuses.

    There are two standard deviations of the game European Roulette and American Roulette, we would suggest playing the European game as it gives you a better advantage. We will discuss these two different types in more depth later on but for now, realize that the European roulette wheel has 36 pockets that are alternately red and black and one green ‘zero’ pocket. The American roulette wheel has an additional ‘double zero’ pocket.

    The Betting Grid

    When you view the game on your device you will see the roulette wheel at the top of the screen and underneath a betting grid. You just need to place your chip on the area of the grid which you hope will correspond to which pocket the ball will land in on the wheel. So for instance, if you thought the ball will land in pocket number 23 you will place your chips on that number on the betting grid.

    This grid can be separated into two areas: the inside bets and the outside bets.

    Outside Bets

    The outside bets are what we always recommend to new roulette players as they offer the best chances of winning. These wagers usually payout evens or 2-1. These are the bets you will see on the betting grid closest to you and on the side of the table layout.

    The evens bets are:

    • Odds or Even – you can choose to bet on the ball landing in an even or odd number pocket.
    • Red or Black – the numbered pockets 1-36 are alternatively divided between red and black pockets you can bet on
    • First 18 – these are the numbers 1-18 if the ball lands on any of these numbers you win an even payout.
    • Second 18 – numbers 19-36 again if any of these numbers is the winner you win.

    2-1 Bets are:

    • Column Bets – There are three different column bets you can choose from they are all the numbers that run down a vertical line on the betting grid 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, 34 or 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 35 or numbers 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36.
    • Dozen Bets – Just as it says you can bet on these 3 outcomes of a dozen numbers each 1 to 12, 13 to 24 and 25 to 36.

    Inside Bets

    This refers to the numbered grid in the center of the betting layout. The bets you place stand a much lower chance of winning but of course if you do win you’ll receive a higher payout.

    • Straight – this bet has the lowest chance of winning but the highest payout and is when you choose a specific number to bet on. Get a win on this bet and you’ll receive a payout of 35-1.
    • Split – for this wager, you can bet on any two numbers that are adjoining each other. You play your chips between the two numbers for instance 25 and 26. With the split bet, the payout is 17-1.
    • Street – this is a bet on 3 numbers in a row for instance 10, 11, 12 or 34, 35, 36 and you win a payout of 11-1 if the ball lands on any of the 3 pockets.
    • Corner – this is also called a square bet and you wager on four numbers that make a square on the roulette table for example 29, 30, 32, 33 and it’s an 8-1 payout.

    So that is how to play the basic game of European Roulette: just choose the bet or bets you want to place and wait to see if you’ve won. As we mentioned earlier you have more chances of winning on the outside bets and if playing for real money this is the best way to make your bankroll last.

    The Best Roulette Numbers

    Really there are no best roulette numbers to choose from, any single number has the same chance as any other. The numbers are generated randomly. We have discussed the betting odds earlier and you are more likely to win when you place your bet on an odd or even number for instance or a red or black than you are if you choose a single-number to bet on. It’s a complete game of chance and is down to your level of risk. There’s no need to put all your money on your lucky number or bet everything on the black!

    Benefits of Playing Online Roulette

    With many countries such as UAE, its citizens are not able to play at real-life roulette casinos so the only choice is to play online. This isn’t such a bad thing as there are many advantages to playing roulette and other casino games online.

    Playing online roulette is very convenient, once you have signed up to a casino you can access online roulette and thousands of other casino games such as variations of slots, blackjack, baccarat and video poker very easily and play them whatever time of the day or night you wish.

    For those of you who prefer privacy playing from your own home is a great benefit. You also save lots of money on travel and hotel costs that would be added expenses when you visit a real-life casino and play roulette.

    Playing roulette online you can also play free games and when you want to play for real money at a casino you can start with stakes as low as $1.

    The online casino market is very competitive with thousands of different sites in existence and hundreds of new sites being added every year. For this reason, an online casino needs to stand out amongst its competition to survive. So the best online casinos where you can play roulette will offer generous welcome and loyalty bonuses so that you sign up and stay with them. They also will aim to have the cutting edge games with gorgeous graphics, the widest selections and new games added regularly.

    Roulette Game Tips & TricksRoulette Game Tips & Tricks

    We are going to share with you some of our tips and tricks for getting the best out of your online roulette games.

    Play free roulette games to get some knowledge – One of the huge advantages of playing games at online casinos is that you can usually play them for free first. Roulette is no exception and there are plenty of free mode games available to try out. If you have never played before then give a free play online roulette game a few spins before to understand the betting before moving on to playing online roulette for real money.

    Play European Roulette for the best odds – If you want a bigger winning advantage our advice is to stick with European roulette and avoid American roulette with its double zero pocket that double the casino’s house advantage.

    Be careful not to bet against yourself! This happens more often than you think and is easy to do if you are in a rush with your bet. Luckily with online roulette, you can take as long as you like to decide on your betting strategy for the game. An example of this would be if you bet on the ball landing on a 2 but you also wagered on the odd number bet there is no chance of both them winning.

    Don’t play the single number bets – the straight bets in roulette are among the worst of all the casino games. Trying to guess the correct number between 0 and 37 is very difficult. And remember that sometimes a single number won’t come up in a hundred spins. Our recommendation is to keep to the outside bets as much as possible.

    Online Roulette Games Strategies

    You will find many online roulette betting strategies and we can safely say that none of them are foolproof, the house will always have the edge and roulette is a game of chance. You’ll find many roulette systems online, many for sale, we can tell you now they will not help you win and you should totally avoid them.

    Below are some of the more famous strategies to play if you want to give them a try at your own risk.

    Martingale Roulette Strategy – This is the most popular and famous of the betting systems for roulette. The method should be used with even money bets where there is a 50% chance of a win, for instance, betting on the red or black or odds or even. With this system, you start with a very small wager. If you win the bet, then you wager the same amount for the next spin. If you lose the bet then you double the wager, you then carry on doubling the bet each time you lose until you make a small profit from winning. Most experienced players will not use this system as they find it is OK for short term gains but over the long term, it can be a dangerous strategy.

    D’Alembert Roulette Strategy – This is very similar to the Martingale and another popular strategy, once again you use it on even money bets such as odds and evens, red or black or 1-18 or 19-36. This method is a lot less aggressive than the Martingale strategy, you begin by deciding on a base unit amount, this is best to be kept fairly small. On each bet if you win you reduce the next bet by one unit and if you lose you increase the bet by one unit. If you have chosen a unit of 1, for instance, $1 you stay with that bet amount if you win. This strategy is probably the least risky out of all the online roulette game methods and an easy one to learn. For a beginner who wants to try out a roulette strategy, this would be the best introduction.

    Paroli Roulette Strategy – Also known as the reverse martingale this is used with even bets. Start off by deciding what your base unit will be and stay with that number as an example $5. Every win doubles the next bet, every time you lose wager the same amount. Win or lose three times in a row go back to your base unit amount. The idea behind this system is that you usually have winning or losing streaks so by wagering more when you have a winning streak or less when you are on a losing streak it will even out and you will come out on top. As it’s all down to lady luck you stand as much chance winning with this strategy as any others.

    James Bond Roulette Strategy – We had to add this method as James Bond is one of our favorite movie characters. OO7 is famous for his gambling exploits and this system is used in one of the classic novels by Bond author Ian Fleming. For this method, you place three bets that cover 67% of the roulette table betting outcomes. Originally the bet was based on a total of £200; £140 [70%] on the 19-36 bet, £50 [25%] on 13-18 line bet and £10 [5%] on the zero. You can scale this amount down to say $20 and use the same percentages though. Hitting a run of bad luck with this method could prove costly.

    Before you try out any of these roulette strategies for real money at an online casino we suggest giving them a test run for free first. See how you fare on the free demo games and if the system is working out for you then give it a whirl on the real money games at your preferred casino.

    Types of Roulette In Online Casinos

    European Roulette – Because of its low house edge of just 2.7% and it’s easy to understand betting this is the most popular of the online roulette games. If you are going to start playing roulette online this is the game that will be the simplest to play and give you the best chance of winning.

    American Roulette – We still don’t understand why anybody would play American roulette rather than roulette European online. While the European and French roulette wheels have just the one zero, the American one has a double zero which makes the house edge 5.4% literally double the casinos’ odds.

    The other difference with American roulette is that you get to play a ‘ ‘Top Line”’ with this bet you can wager on the 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 to make a 5 number bet. You have a 13.16% chance of winning this bet and it pays out at 6-1. With a house edge of 8%, our advice is not to play this bet.

    French Roulette – The wheel and number layout for French roulette are the same as European roulette though the betting grid layout does look a little different as the writing is in French but has English writing as well so it’s not too confusing! French roulette isn’t as well known in the online casinos but it’s the version with the lowest house edge as it features some special rules that are in the player’s favor.

    These rules are La Partage and the En Prison rule. With La Partage if you have betted on a red or black, odd or even or high or low and the zero pocket comes up you only lose half your wager. With En Prison if the zero comes up and you have an even-money wager you don’t lose the bet but have a second attempt.

    Real Money Roulette – Playing for the fun of it with free online roulette games is a great way to get to know how the roulette game is played and a safe way to begin. But without that element of risk and a chance of winning some money, it can all get a little dull. Once you start playing roulette for real money and feel the thrill and exhilaration you’ll understand why it is King of the casino.

    Mobile Roulette – The online casinos make sure that they are ahead of the curve at all times so you can be sure that when you play online roulette on your mobile device you will get a fabulous and flawless gaming experience. Mobile roulette games are available for Android and for the iPhone and will also work on iPads and tablets.

    Live Roulette – The biggest recent innovation in online casino gaming has been live dealer games. These games are streamed from live studios all around the world in real-time and have amazing HD picture quality often with multiple cameras so you can see the table from different angles. The live dealers are attractive and knowledgeable and of course friendly, you can chat with them and ask them questions. Other players from around the world will also be playing and you can strike up conversations with them as well in the provided chatbox.

    Rather than playing an RNG computer-generated game, the dealers use real roulette wheels and balls, for those of you who want a great immersive experience unlike any other then you should seek out the casinos with live dealer roulette. Most of the online casinos that we recommend on this site have live dealer roulette available to play.

    Multi-Wheel Online Roulette – if just the one roulette wheel is too easy for you why not try a multi-wheel variation, in this game you can play with 2 to 8 roulette wheels at the same time, that will get your eyes spinning!

    Mini Roulette – This is a less popular variation of the online game, with fewer numbers to bet on its basically a scaled-down version of the original game.

    Multi-Ball Roulette – This is another fast-playing variation with 3 balls in play at the same time instead of the usual single ball.

    3D Roulette – This is played just like the usual online roulette game but the graphics are really beautiful. You can really see the ball spinning around the wheel and landing in the pocket. This game is the closest the computer-generated games get to the live version.

    Marvel Roulette – Are you a superhero movie fan? If so then you’ll love this version of roulette, with images of all your favorites such as Spider-Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and Wolverine, the game is played like standard European Roulette but also has a progressive jackpot for a chance of winning big!

    Pinball Roulette – With this variation instead of a wheel being spun the ball is launched in a pinball table and gets knocked around the table until it comes to rest in one of the pockets at the bottom. The rules are the same as European Roulette but there is also a bonus when you win.

    Zodiac Roulette – Another crazy variation and this time the wheel is based around the different signs of the zodiac so you have just 13 numbers in total including the green zero. This is fun because you can bet on your star sign and as there are only 13 numbers you stand more chance of winning. There are also some other fun bets to play such as the Air, Water, Earth and Fire bets which are based around groups of 3 numbers.

    VIP Roulette – For the high-rollers who want to play for big stakes then there are VIP tables that you can play live dealer roulette at. They offer a great interactive experience as well as being able to bet larger amounts than usual.

    Online Roulette FAQ

    By now you should have a solid knowledge of online roulette but if you still have some questions unanswered check out the frequently asked questions below.

    With European Roulette, the house has an advantage by having the green zero pocket and the American version even more of an advantage as they have the double zero pocket as well. So for instance, if a bet is placed on black or red this wager wouldn’t be a 50-50 bet because of the green 0 or 00 pockets. They also only pay 35-1 for a winning number and as there are at least 37 numbers on the roulette wheel this also gives them an advantage.

    Our recommendation is to start off with either European roulette or French roulette as they offer the best odds and are the standard games that others are based on. Once you understand the rules, you can try out some of the other fun roulette variations available. For a more realistic and social atmosphere then head over to a live dealer casino.

    Pretty much all casinos have free demo versions of their games. This gives you the advantage of being able to learn how to play the game and see if you like it before playing for real money. The games that you won’t be able to play for free are the live dealer roulette tables where space is limited.

    The Evens bets are the wagers you can make that give you the best chance of winning, so red or black, odd or even or the 1-18 or 19-36 bets. The single number bets give you the worst chance and if you are playing American roulette then the top line bet that has a house edge of 8% should be avoided.

    Roulette is a game of luck and this is why it’s such a great casino game, a total beginner can walk away a winner with no prior knowledge. Some roulette players like to use strategies such as the Martingale or the Fibonacci system but they certainly don’t guarantee wins.

    If you sign up to one of our recommended casinos then you will be safe in the knowledge that they use an RNG [random number generator] that will be regularly tested by an independent authority to check that it is completely random and fair. The best online casinos would be crazy to risk their reputations in this way for such small gains.

    To make the outcome of any roulette game fair a random number generator is used by online casinos. This is a computer algorithm that runs sequences of thousands of numbers and a winning number is generated from this sequence.

    With random number generator roulette, it’s just you against the computer, the benefits for this type of game is that you can play the free versions, the betting limits are the lowest and you can take as long as you like deciding on your wager. for those players who want a more exciting social and interactive game, a live dealer game gives you a similar experience to a real-life casino with a live croupier and a real roulette wheel being spun.

    While roulette has the advantage of being one of the easiest casino games to play and being a lot of fun, it isn’t the one with the best odds. Blackjack has a house edge of 0.5% for players making good use of basic strategy but many players won’t be and this can increase the house edge to 2%. Baccarat is either 1.06% or 1.24% depending on the hand played. Craps is 1.41% for the pass line bet. Roulette, as we have discussed, has a 2.76% house edge if playing European Roulette. But it’s not all about the mathematical odds, it’s also about the fun you get out of it and not having to learn complicated rules to start playing.